Friday, January 16, 2009

It's unexpected and awful

Yesterday morning my best friend heard something in the kitchen and hurried in to find her mother lieing on the floor. I am not certain what happened but it seems they think maybe a vessel burst in her head. She was still holding her teacup unbroken. The medics took her to Savanah. Becky had respirator removed in afternoon and she died at 11pm. It's so sad. It's been awhile since I lost someone I loved. I'd forgotten how your mind just sits there, frozen in time. I spend a lot of time staring -- not really thinking at all. Then, you move into what appears to be reality only to freeze in space again maybe 2 or 10 minutes later. At that pace you just creep along praying for time to just pass because you know it will hurt less as time moves on.

I'll be leaving for Indiana Monday morning with Sissie to make the two day drive to Indiana. I actually thought I might fly but it's not necessary so I won't. We have a golf group from Marion scheduled to arrive in Naples Sunday 25th so Steve must stay here. I'll probably stay around two weeks and then head back.

Scott says it's 30-below I'd better bring warm clothes. I told him I didn't have any clothes that warm!

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