Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Marion is cold

Sissie and I left Naples at 9:00am Monday, stayed overnight in Manchester, TN, and arrived at home in Marion at 3:00pm Tuesday.

Sissie traveled well and remembers the house. She's back into her routine (sleeping in my closet).

I had dinner with Becky, Rick, and Megan last night and they are doing as well as they can -- moments of great sadness, moments of great joy in memories. The Gathering is scheduled for 4-8pm Thursday. The Funeral at 11am Friday. Then, another Gathering at Mary's church in LaFontaine, IN, for lunch with friends and family.

Sissie is eating but losing weight. This morning during her mini trip outdoors something happened -- she fell down, then she just laid on her side with all four legs outstretched. I ran out into the snow in my bare feet and sleep shirt to pick her up and carry her in. Then she just seemed fine.

I got just a few minutes with Marlee today then she was down for a nap. I got to spend about 45 minutes with Mason. He seemed happy to be with me again. He gave me hugs, laid his head on my chest, and we had a little talk. Then he was back to Rescue Jeep remote controlled vehicle -- HE LOVES PLAY.

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