Monday, February 2, 2009

America's in a difficult time

I am back in Naples for the rest of the winter. I have my lanaii doors wide open and the wonderful little breeze coming in makes me happy.

This is a difficult time for our Country. I am very struck by the effects of the real estate market on the livelihoods of many of my friends and some family. We can begin to notice wherever we are stores are closing. The residual effects of this economic downturn are just beginning to be felt. There's a lot more suffering before things turn around. And, things aren't just going to turn around by themselves. Every able bodied American needs to participate in their own way.

If America is right-sizing then I believe I should start to make the same effort. This is difficult. I have no idea how to begin.

I feel saddened each time I hear of the economic impact on someone I know. Imagine how God must feel about our world. About America. I want to cry.

Our small group from Center Point is studying Colossians. It offers much encouragement to me.

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