Saturday, October 11, 2008

Family Prayer Need

My sister, Sue, has been happily married to Ron Ahrens for several years. Before they met, Ron had been injured in an accident and paralyzed from the T6 down. As you can imagine, he and Sue struggle with health issues every day the sun rises. Sue had open heart surgery this summer and is recovering on schedule. Ron was undergoing some testing prior to some surgery and the doctors found infection in a leg bone. He had surgery on both legs: infected bone was removed from his right leg and infection was scraped from the bone from his left leg. During recovery he developed some difficulty breathing so they ran a CT scan on him from his shoulders to his pelvis. They found an abscess attached to his spin directly below T6. If it had grown above T6 undiscovered, it would have paralized him from the waist up. SURGERY to remove the abscess is scheduled for Tuesday. They have been told the surgery will take approximately 6 hours. Please pray God's will throughout this situation knowing that only God knows the best plan for their lives.

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