Thursday, January 1, 2009

Winter Wonderland

We're in Naples FL and it's wonderful. It's our annual winter wonderland. The air is soft. The flowers and trees are blooming. Our friends are arriving. Steve's been on the golf course (though somewhat unsuccessfully in his opinion.

I hope to add some pictures soon --

The big tv isn't picking up the cable so Steve's watching the Rose Bowl on a 22" !!! We'll be visiting some friends soon who have a large screen where we'll watch the Orange Bowl.

The everpresent headaches remain and show themselves almost daily. Steve and I are trying to get back into a sort of schedule so we're eating and taking meds properly.

Our holidays with the grandchildren (Mason & Marlee) were great. Tim didn't feel very well but we got to visit with him a bit on Christmas night.

Our trip here (we drive both cars and bring the dog, Sissie) took 22 hours on the road plus an overnight stay in a dog friendly LaQuinta in Macon, GA. We were beat when we arrived.

The condo looks great -- no water out of place anywhere.

We celebrated New Year's Eve in our traditional way, alone together watching the ball drop in Times Square. Happy New Year to all.

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