Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snow came to Marion and MASON met his first snowman. His Poppy (Jay Buck) made it for him and sat it right outside the patio doors looking into the house. Whoever would think of doing that! What a good idea.

MARLEE is flourishing! She went to her office for the first time this week. (We call the exersaucer an office.) I can't believe she can sit in it.

Shopping for the holidays is moving along. I can't imagine doing it without the internet! It's even a little bit fun for me now. I was never too keen about walking through stores trying to get ideas -- plus the waiting in line. You know what I mean.

MOM's pain has worsened with the change in weather, so the doctor upped her main medicine once again. Everything else seems to be fine. She struggles with loneliness but she has visitors about once or twice a week. It's just that there's 12 awake hours every day and visits are so brief. She would appreciate phone calls I think. Normally she's awake between 6am and 6pm.

STEVE's health continues to be good. We both have a few more doctor visits before we leave for Naple, FL. Seems like each year in December before we leave and in May when we return, we both have appointments with doctors, dentists, optomitrists.

SCOTT is well. He's really enjoying his work and his beautiful family. JULIE enjoys the babies and she's shopping and planning for their holidays.

TIM's golf course job is over for the season so he's trying to finish a few things around his condo. He spent Thanksgiving Day with Krista's families in Ft. Wayne and then we saw them Friday. KRISTA is worried about whether she will keep her job through these difficult times. IUPUI will begin admitting to the 2009 Fall class roster sometime in March. We're hoping Tim is admitted beginning September 2009.

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