Monday, March 2, 2009

It's March!

Working on the details of a mini-retreat for Pelican Isle Women's Bible Study. I've only been to one so I'm having to use my imagination, alot. Things are coming along pretty well.

Somehow when I tried to move the carpet shampooer from one spot to another I pulled a muscle along the outside of my right hand. It doesn't seem to keep me from doing anything, it just hurts all the time.

My Connection Group with Center Point met last night. We are working on fellowship and COLOSSIANS. Gwen brought a laundry basket with five Havanese puppies four weeks old. I held a little white one during our study time. At our next meeting she says she'll bring them back -- they'll be eight weeks then.

I talked with Pat Norwood today about her work on our mini-retreat. She's working on Grace, Prayer, and Praying God's Word back to Him. She's very excited, as am I.

Our weather has been great. Today we had some chilly air move in. Plus, of course, the wind that comes here with almost all weather changes.

Little Elijah is doing so well with his many, many procedures surrounding his bone marrow transplant. Ronda is holding up well also. Being Mommy to a sick little boy is always heart-heavy work. She's doing so well. (See "Brave Boy" link.)

My little granddaughter, Marlee, has started crawling this week. Julie sends me video clips on the internet and cell phone. I love it. But, of course, it's still not being there. I talked to the four of them via video over the internet Saturday morning. I asked Mason if he'd like to have some alligator stickers. He said, "I DON'T THINK SO!" He said he already had Thomas the Train stickers. I miss my family so much.

March 20-27 I'll be in Chattanooga on Precepts campus studying Matthew Part I. Then, I'm going to Hilton Head to visit with Becky for a couple days.

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