Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Psalm 119

Six weeks of studying Psalm 119 -- the value of God's words. I tried to teach a small class (4+me) for my first ever teaching attempt. I have substituted for others but not been the main teacher. I can say I enjoyed the planning and preparation perhaps more than the teaching. I am more interested in what others have to say and in what their questions are, much more so than hearing myself drone on about my great insight. I still do not see a clear direction for teaching.

On Sept. 23 I return to the classroom as a student. Cris Bragg, the teacher of the study I take at Hanfield, is celebrating her twentieth year of teaching women's bible study. She's invited anyone who ever attended a class! Won't that be fun!

My little Mason (to be 3 on 9/29) started to Montessori preschool this fall. Little Marlee (1 on 9/11) walks everywhere and has a strong will like her daddy had when he was that age. They are truly delightful.

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