Saturday, October 3, 2009

Overcast days

I told a friend a few days ago that we have melancholy weather to give us a moment to evaluate how we have lived our lives to this date and how we hope to live it from this day forward. So, we have had about a week of melancholy weather and I continue to look at my life. I have come to some conclusions within this week of evaluation. Though I came to my relationship with God only 3 1/2 years ago, I can look back at God working in my life all along. It is so clear now.

I spent four hours with my Mason and my Marlee this morning. Babies fresh out of bed and ready for the challenges of a new beautiful day which they will not remember but which will be part of the weaving of their lives. They are sooooo much fun. Mason is into using sofa cushions to build a bat cave. Marlee loves babies and anything Mason is doing. They are both beautiful, smart, and busy. At noon Mimi and Popi came to take over. It is such a blessing to have them so near to us that we can be a part of the weaving.

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