Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sadness surrounds me

A dear lady in my Florida Bible Study died today. Jan Hertel and her husband, Fred, lived in the retirement community just north of us. She carried oxygen as long as I knew her. And she had a purse sculptured to look like her beloved pet, a pug.


Sue's husband, Craig, had a heart attack and continues to fight for his life. Sue is in my Florida Bible Study and when we met them they had a Westie named after the basketball player, Yount. Both Yount, and our beloved Sissie, haved passed. Sue's best friend and Craig's best friend have flown down to be with them during this stressful and heartbreaking time.


My health continues to aggravate me so I could scream (LIKE THAT WOULD HELP). Migraine has returned so I'm guessing that's the main thing -- head pain, nausea, sound/light sensitivity. So I pretty much live in my bedroom with the 9 shutters closed and 5 blinds closed (a room not meant to be dark). But, it's lonely here. I miss the kids and grandkids so much but they're noisy!? Normally I just love their noise. It's so easy to get depressed when these sad medical seasons come upon me but I fight it. I know it will pass. It always has. So I just wait.


We're going to a breeder in northern Indiana Monday to look at her Westies. Steve and I both at the same time decided we are ready for another dog. Since I know the personality of a Westie, I'm thinking a Westie would be best for me.

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