Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Honeymooners Return

The kids returned Monday night at 12:45pm which actually was Tuesday and Timothy's 30th birthday. They had a wonderful time on St. John's Island, felt one week would not have been enough, but they were definitely ready to be home on Monday.

I'm definitely ready to see them but they have much to do. Tim started directly trying to catch up on his ezdeal emails. They have wedding presents to unwrap and thank you's to write. And, of course, lots of loving Lexi who is probably a bit confused right now!

It was so beautiful watching Mason and Kari (cousin) play together. Erica sent some photos of them playing over a large register in the greeting room before the reception. They're great. Then we all had lunch at Scott's house. Just a small time to be a family. It was wonderful.

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