Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another PASSAGE for us

On July 1, 2010, Steve and I sold our shares of Moorehead Communications, Inc. Our son, Scott, who has been running the Company for a couple years is off to spread his wings. I have to say it is definitely a very strange feeling. Steve, Kevin, and I breathed this Company for years. Setbacks and changes in the industry kept it a challenge. We started Moorehead with $250,000 in 1991 and our house mortgaged for cash. We lost a lot of money at first. The industry was very new and hardly anyone understood it.

We know the Company would not be what it is were it not for the three of us. But we also acknowledge that earth revolves around the sun and marks time off our lives. It is time for us to move away from this and let Scott do his work.

Tim, our son who lives in Indianapolis, is working for a Company called My EZ Deal. It is a brand new business and there is much to learn. The learning is the fun part. Building something from scratch is pioneering 2010-style. I talked to Tim on the phone today and he is so excited about his work. What a great place to be.

Tim and Krista are spending the holidays with her Dad in Ft. Wayne. Scott and Julie and Mason and Marlee are spending the holidays at the Indy loft. Steve is playing golf every day but will come to Indy Sunday night for the fireworks. I'm in Indy with the kids.

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