Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marriage 38 Years

Steve and I came to Indianapolis yesterday and are staying in the loft through our anniversary on Wednesday and going home Thursday morning. September 1, 1972 we were married in Marion and spent the night in Indianapolis before flying out the next day for San Francisco.

Thirty-eight years. Two companies. Two sons. We never laid a plan for our future. And, often, we talk about how we could never have imagined that our day-to-day decisions would bring us here. We are both honestly retired now. Steve's hobby has turned out to be working with interesting companies who are growing.

Scott and Julie's children (Mason 9/29/2006; Marlee 9/11/2008) delight us constantly and bring us so much joy only other grandparents truly understand. The depth of this love is astounding.

Tim and Krista are expecting their first. They just had an ultrasound during which this baby (apx 10-11 weeks old) moved itself from the fetal position to being stretched out and reclining on the wall of the uterus! Wow.

Sadly, Krista's Grandmother Waikel passed away Saturday, August 28. So her family must walk through another passing 8 1/2 months after the passing of her Mother.

Our marriage has been blessed in every regard. We had a few difficult stretches but we always loved and respected each other. I feel RESPECT is huge for a marriage!!

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