Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blue Skies shining all around me

It's a comfort to return to Naples and the Pelican Isle Residence. I can see for miles north to Ft. Myers and Sanibel and then south to Vanderbilt Beach. We see the Gulf to the horizon so sunsets are fantastic often. We look over miles of mangroves which is a "tree" that grows in the water and collects Gulf water dirt/sand/shells and builds it's own environment in which to live. It's fascinating for me. So much I see is a mystery yet the view feels very familiar and comforting.

Steve drove down Nov 7-8 and Scott accompanied me on the Company plane this past Sunday. My car stayed in Marion so I bought a used ("pre-owned" - the salesman kept correcting me) car down here to keep here.

Julie sent me a photo via phone of Mason and Marlee yesterday. At first glance they looked like a Special Troops unit with night goggles and riffles -- after a closer look they have on safety goggles and are carrying toy carpenter tools (chain saw? and an electric drill?). These spurr of the minute photos make me so happy.

Steve is on the golf course and I am having some computer time surrounded by beautiful blue skies. Charlie Brown, our 4 month old Havanese puppy, is adapting. He understands the elevator; you go in, you wait awhile, you go out. He's not thrilled with the lanai so he just sits inside on the carpet in the middle of the doorway while we sit on the lanai. The large window that Sissie loved and spent many hours just laying and looking around, Charlie was very hesitant about at first. As of today he has been interested enough to lay there for just a minute or two. The potty training efforts are a joke because Steve and I are not in the least "schedule" people. He's about 7 lbs. and growing.

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