Friday, January 7, 2011


Scott/fam came to visit early December, Tim/fam came mid-December, Steve and I were alone for Christmas. The last time that happened we didn't have Scott yet.

New Year's Day passed and I completed my annual Personal Evaluation Form. You're laughing, I know you are. You're saying, "yep, Phyllis would do that." Each year I review goals I set for myself last year. I evaluate what I successfully completed, what I didn't even get to, and what I changed during the year. Then I write up goals for the coming year.

Interesting how having a simple goal in writing can encourage you and keep you headed in the right direction.

I pray all my children will start some sort of "life review" and "goal setting" while they are still young. And, I encourage you to set goals you cannot imagine you could ever possibly reach. You'll be shocked at how soon unreachable goals can truly be reached -- then what?

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