Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 5 and Tim and Krista arrive

The babies both had bad colds and Marlee has had a fever since they arrived. They really wish they had their own bed. I feel like that when I'm sick. But, Mason has fully recovered. Marlee still has a snotty nose and is generally stressed.

Krista and Tim arrive this afternoon sometime. They'll be here until tomorrow morning when all four leave early for the superbowl and will be back early in the morning Monday. The Indianapolis Colts play the New Orleans Saints. Peyton Manning is our quarterback. Drew Brees is quarterback for the Saints, and he was in Scott's classes at Purdue. Then everyone leaves Monday afternoon to return to their homes.

We have been very busy with toys, eating, reading, baths, toys, eating, laundry, etc.

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